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More bad news with Win11 :-(.

As if we needed *more* around these eWaste generating minimum requirements. It’s confirmed you need TPM 2.0 and there’s no escape with 1.2 machines.

This is insane in a bad way. TPM 1.2 doesn’t make a machine “bad”, per say - it just means it’s probably business class (Elite/Pro, Latitude/Vostro, ThinkPad) surplus that was replaced, which is now owned by a individual for private use, and they do not care about the TPM as it’s secondhand business class equipment.

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Such a bummer! These companies are so money driven they just don’t care about anything else. =[

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Eh let's be honest. Some of these cut off systems are past their prime beyond reason like 1st-3rd gen Intel and were either expired or very close to it. Others are bordering on it like 4/5th. Kind of sad to see 4/5th go as none of them have TPM 2.0 due to HW age but that day was coming. 6/7th is still new enough they should be overlooking TPM 1.2 issues as some of those are fixed 1.2 like the 7480 while others are field upgradable - it really does vary.

Look I don't mind giving up 11 support on my E7440 for 6th gen support and a legacy only 1.2 soft floor for a device that new... Fine. But to tell someone with a Lat 7480(!!!) to buy a new machine because of Dell being short sighted???

I never looked into the 7th gen 7480 yet. However unlike the 6th gen edition I suspect 7th is 2.0 and 6th is 1.2 spec. The 7th gen 7490 (which shouldn't exist but that's tea for another day) may very well be 2.0 if Dell didn't short sight that knowing 8th is 2.0 spec. I know my 8th gen 7490 is 2.0 :-).


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