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The GUI Needs some changes - Questions

OK, I've been working with the new site layout for over a week now and have noticed some things that are a bit quirky.

1 - When one goes into edit mode of a question to alter the device info you need to save it to see if you got it correct. The icon is not visible so you could put in someones else's idea of what the system is called. How about altering the color of the verified devices (ones we have guides/tear-downs for). Green for guides, Yellow when only a teardown or if someone has created a root page.

2 - When you post a question the text on the right "Be as succinct as you can, ..." does not shift over when you grow the text box (this one I'm in now).

3 - When you go in to edit a question you need to go thru a review process before you post. So when I edit someone else's text I have an extra step now. While it makes sense when you make the original post every edit seems a bit much. Frankly, I liked the real time view we had before but I do understand the limits here as it required more network dialog (& server load). So, how about a second button in subsequent edits to just post and the current review button.

4 - Answers & Comments appear to have lost there time stamp. Now we only see a date of the posting. Can we get it back? It was useful. Ideally, it should be based on GMT.

5 - OK, I've held off talking about this I think its time now: TIME & DATE can we start using GMT for everything! I know this may seem extreme here but bear with me here. This is the established world wide date & time base. Now the hard part... We really need to see where the poster is posting (country). So within the persons Member page what the person selected as their country (flag icon) is listed as well as their time zone if their country has more than one should be listed in the question in the persons heading on the left and comment section.

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Hi Dan,

We appreciate all of your feedback! I had a quick chat with the team and here's what we're thinking on the issues you brought up:

  • 1- Great suggestion. We will work on adding some design elements to make this clearer.
  • 2/3- We're looking into it.
  • 4- Adding this to the list of to-do's now!
  • 5- We hear you on this one. Right now, all times are displayed relative to your current time zone and with the hover-over tool tip, you can see a member's time zone displayed in GMT. We think adding someone's time-zone to their profile is a great idea. We will get working on this soon.

Thanks again for all the feedback!

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Sounds Good!


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