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We made some changes to improve site navigation!

We’ve made some minor navigation changes to the tabs on the members page, badges page, contribute page, and patrol page. We’re hoping that having a consistent set of tabs across these pages makes getting around a bit more intuitive, but we’d love to know what you think!


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@kaykay did @mayer send you a new hat I know he was fixin to. It makes you look like a native texan . Wont be long and he'll have you sayin Ya'll ,wearin boots, and drinkin Dr Peper. Just so you know theres 4 season in Texas but there not like anywhere else theres ridiculously hot, sorta hot, hunting, and football seasons . I had the privilege of spending a few years there . I still say Ya'll , yes ma'am and no sir. Still love texmex , my chili without beans , and even though Im Canadian I still like my tea with ice, sugar and lemon in it. Texas tends to rub off on you. Hat looks good ma'am. Have a nice day


Yes, it's not summer yet and a new record high for the date of 109 degrees. That even hot for Texas.


@mayer Quite hot here too. Sometimes above 95.


@mayer @pccheese currently at 100 degrees with heat index at 108 degrees. Stay cool my friends.....


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Kay Kay Clapp, All seem's fine.

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You know the @ system works in meta too.


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