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Refused service on battery recall

Hi all,

Sent my iPhone 6s in for the battery recall- serial number indicated was part of the battery exchange recall and was symptomatic.

Apple sent the phone back untouched with a letter stating mail in repair was for individuals not commercial enterprises. See attached photos.

Denial of service letter

Box tape seal

Also the return box was taped shut with the wording " do not break seal unless using parts"

I am a person not a commercial enterprise which I cleared up with them. I own the phone, there is no contract.

My hour long discussion with apple resulted in them sending another repair box out so they can look at the phone again.

The reps were nice but apparently according to the first tech our phone was registered to Verizon, though we are AT&T customers. An escalation to the next tech informed me the "repair depot" has stated they couldn't reproduce the battery recall issue and therefore the battery was not "exchanged".

When we questioned the paperwork and packaging, no one had an answer for that nor did apple seem to want to divulge why it was packaged as such.

Just throwing it out there and wondering if anyone else has had this happen to them. I'm hoping it gets resolved.

Thanks for the help

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Thanks for the reply,

I am in the USA and did speak with an apple rep who called me after I put the support request in.

The enterprise division idea seems to click with the first rep who thought I was Verizon.

I hear you , the letterhead I have not seen used before.

When the supervisor said my phone was in for a battery exchange- I said right an " exchange" that means you exchange the battery and send it back nit troubleshoot and say can't reproduce the battery recall problem sorry here's your phone back.

Interesting tidbit- now that apple has had my phone once for the battery recall, going through self support it will show as already serviced an ineligible for the recall.

I'm beginning to think my imei or serial may have issues due to all the hacked imei rumors.... that would explain why my AT&T phone shows as Verizon to apple.

I send the phone back tomorrow and will post an update after it comes back.


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Wow, this is suspicious for a number of reasons. Are you 100% sure you were in fact in touch with Apple? That letterhead does not look like the current AppleCare logo, and the wording of the text is strange. My guess is that your device got accidentally routed to their enterprise repair division, or at some point in your communication chain, you ended up communicating with a third-party repair organization that mishandled your order.

It's also surprising that they even attempted to reproduce the error in the first place. AFAIK, if your serial number is listed as an affected unit, Apple will change the battery no questions asked. What country are you in? Maybe Apple is operating differently in your region?

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Call Apple back up. Ask for a senior advisor. Tell him your story. If the response is unsatisfactory ask if you need to join the Class Action Law Suit. Here's the information on the law suit:

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Thanks for the tip


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I got the same letter for a repair on an iphone 7 with a non working power button. It is under warranty but they returned it un-repaired with a letter saying that the mail in service is intended for individual customers and not for commercial enterprises. I do buy and sell a few iphones but not that many. And it is under warranty. I guess they want me to drive downtown to the Apple store, show them the problem, tell me they can't fix it and then have them send it the repair facilities. Seems like a waste of resources. I could take it to an authorized repair shop also, which is closer. But, the result will be the same.

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Easiest way to check.

Dial *#06# and check your IMEI

a) does it match the receipt or original box?

b) put the IMEI into -- does it say Verizon or AT&T?

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