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Guide feedback request; T420 hard drive replacement

Since the drive in my T420 was having problems with hibernation and has higher hours then I like to deal with (it had ~13,277 hours. This has probably grown since I had to leave it running all day to do the backup.) and it had problems, it was time to change the drive.

My actual time is in the ballpark of ~13 hours, because I imaged the old drive. I would rather have the security of a image just to be sure. I have reduced the guide time to 3-8 hours, to make the time more realistic to the average reader.

While I don't think most readers will image the drive, I have mentioned it, but I have warned readers that it will likely take several hours to do. The reader will have to figure out if the time spent on imaging the drive is worth it or not, based on what the condition of the old drive is.

3/7/17 edit (Step 1): In the latest edit I have cleared the wording up and provided guidelines on when it may or may not be worthwhile, including high power on hours.

3/7/17 edit (Intro): Text that is not needed has been removed. I have removed a few lines:

  • or failing.
  • I cannot give a concrete answer here. This will vary by OS and conditions you have to deal with.
  • expect most of your day to be taken up by the system backup. If you are not taking a backup image, it will likely only take hours rather then a day.
  • , albeit at a higher price then you may like.
  • If your old drive works but is on the way out, you should retain it until you are sure you no longer need it.
  • It's likely not required but this machine shipped with a 9.5mm drive caddy.

The following lines have been replaced:

  • ~15 minutes (Now 30 minutes)
  • hard disk (now hard drive)
  • This guide does not cover OS installation. It only covers drive removal and replacement. I do not know what OS you are installing on the machine and do not want to make assumptions. If you need assistance finding an image, I will see what I can do. I do not guarantee I can help, so keep this in mind. (Now Operating system installation information has been omitted, just in case an alternative OS is installed. Note: While I do not include information on this, I may be able to help you if you mention what OS you want to install.)
  • wish to use (now need)
  • come with (now include this)
  • Once you are done with the old drive, securely wipe the drive before getting rid of it. If you are going to destroy it, make sure you smash the platters and hear them shatter. (Now Once you are done with the old drive and have the data you need off, securely wipe the drive before getting rid of it and physically destroy it.)


  • You may not need to use it, but you may want one handy. (Intro)

With that out of the way, here is a link to the guide: T420 hard drive replacement

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Looks solid to me.

Once you are done with the old drive, securely wipe the drive before getting rid of it. If you are going to destroy it, make sure you smash the platters and hear them shatter.

If you want, you could add something about how using full disk encryption means that you only have to delete your encryption key to render the data on the drive useless. The upside of that is that if the drive is still under warranty, you can send it back to the manufacturer for a replacement without having to send personal data back to them.

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That's true, but I generally despise warranty drives. They are usually RMA drives with another defect. I don't see most people using FDE, so that wasn't really considered. I have added it for readers who use it regardless.


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