Congratulatory Rep Posts on iFixit: let's keep them on Meta!

Hey guys! We're really proud of your achievements, and we're glad you're excited about them too!

We already have a place for meta-discussion: Meta! iFixit should be a place to get repair help, and unfortunately your light-hearted posts are actually artificially inflating your reputation.

Where members should be getting rep for solving problems, these posts turn that endorsement of technical skills into a "like" where someone is rewarded purely for saying a nice thing.

We super don't want to be spoil-sports, so please continue posting! Just add the congratulations to Meta, rather than iFixit. If we're going to be fair about managing voting rings, I think we should be conscious of how we use our own votes! Thanks guys! And congrats to @pccheese @gedo1992 @refectio @tronicsfix @theimedic for their recent rep achievements!

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Sounds good to me. I always thought it should happen on meta, but the lack of the notification system kept me from recommending it to the others. That's taken care of now. Thanks!


Thanks for the solution. You Fixed it!


Yea, youfixit!


@pccheese Can you do web pages? I have a missionary that needs help with her site?


@mayer perhaps if you give me +/- 3 months. I'm a relatively quick learner. What is it? Javascript?


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