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Comment lost with moving around

Ben had given and answered as a comment on this one and someone had commented on his comment.

Ben seems to be modest and posts a lot of answers as comments. His comments are usually much better than the answer.

So I changed Ben's comment to an answer. Since I could move the comment to his comment I changed it to an answer. That posted. Then I tried to attached it to Ben's answer and it just disappeared. This has happened before.

Answer this question I have this problem too

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Ben's pretty dope. I really like that guys style. I know we can do some moderating on our own. I usually don't though


@mayer Did this get fixed? I see Justin's comment attached to Ben's answer now, which was from a deleted post. Send me more deets anytime this happens and I'll shoot it over to the Dev team to investigate :)


@kaykay no there was a comment by someone else in response to Ben.

Both were listed as comments to the original question. I moved Ben by making it an answer.

At that point I needed to move the third parties comment. I could not move that to Bens answer.

So I made it an answer.

Then I tried to attach it to Bens answer and it disappeared.


Roger, looking into it meow.


Hello @mayer, I tried looking through our historical data for the comments that were originally posted on that question post, but I only found the comments that were originally posted by Ben and Justin. I also tried reproducing the bug in our testing environment (which closely mirrors our live site), with the steps you described. I understand that you said you've seen this happen before, so, if you are going to do this again on another forum post, can you try taking some screen shots of the before and after? I think that would help us to better track down missing comments.


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Problem still exists. I just moved a comment that was posted on the OP original question. I switched it to an answer then to a comment on my answer and poof! it was gone. It wa s good comment and needs to be replaced. Here's where it was:

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I was able to restore this one! We think we've tracked down the problem and we're working on a fix.


@sam Great! you get a cookie, be there next month and I'll feed it you ;-)


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