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Need an archive flag removed

I have a guide that I made years ago and quickly abandoned (2013), and then waiting ~1 year to make it private and flag it for deletion since I figured it wouldn't be easy to resurrect (2014). The thing is this deletion never happened, so I decided to start working on it again (2015), which took 1 year and 11 months to get it to the point I'm at now (ready for public consumption but it isn't quite there yet). I wish it didn't take so long to finish, but the problem is there was so much junk that never had a chance of working that I thought did. It likely it would have taken longer if I decided to try to retain the original content to a limited extent.

Now that I am at the point where the mistakes were made and the guide is more or less done as far as I'm concerned (with some minor edits that will come along the way) I would like to request the archived flag be removed. If it is decided that removal should wait until I find working hardware (or fix what I have, which shouldn't be hard), I understand.

The guide I need the archived flag removed from can be found here:

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Nick, the only thing I see that I can change is the "in progress" designation.


I understand. I can't remove it, so I'm hoping it can be removed or I will have to consider moving the content to a new guide without it and abandoning this specific link. It never got a lot of lifetime views since I didn't do much with it (423 total as of 6/10/17) so I don't think a lot of users have a link saved. I don't think link disruption will be as much of an issue with this as it was with the Photosmart printhead guide.

I'd prefer to not have to do that since that will be annoying, but it's an option. It won't be as bad now that I'm more or less finished with the text and everything isready to go, but it's still something I didn't plan on doing. I reused the old link because I figured this wouldn't be an issue.


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Flag removed. I did leave it In Progress though =)

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Thanks. I was worried I may need a new link since Mayer had trouble with it.

But, yeah. It's still in progress while I check what Lenovo security nightmares (if it is affected, it may be affected by LSE, since it's a Think product) my T420 has plus the cost of repairs (I've discussed the specifics of this in the last update post). It's already affected my the SMM issue, but the BIOS that fixes it is applied.

I ran the LSE tool from Lenovo that disables it if it's affected and it checked out fine, so it's probably no longer a security nightmare, but I still want to make sure. Even then, I have a feeling someone is going to ask if I made sure I used an unaffected machine because Lenovo was busted 3 times.

It isn't a problem because I can just tell them I made sure it had a clean bill of health before committing to using it for the guide (or I can put it in bold somewhere) but I have to think about switching brands on that merit alone :(.


Keeping the same guide location is usually a winner. The SEO juice from traffic makes it easier to find, and then you don't have to worry about people stumbling over the older guide. Thanks for your dedication to this guide over the years! =D


What I ended up doing is putting the note where I mention the machine has a clean bill of health in there just in case, but if I end up changing hardware because of the cost (Short version: It's going to add up fast) I'l remove it (or adapt it, depending on the relavance).

As far as hardware goes, it's not hard to replace it (and even brand switch). I prefer IGP only for this since a dGPU can throw a wrench in there that may cause non-correctable compatibility problems. I'll take a dGPU machine, but it's not my first choice (dGPU machines are a case where a BIOS switch is preferable). I'm also not super CPU specific (other then really low end stuff like Celerons and Pentiums) and can use an i5 (or even an i3) for the build. Business laptops almost always end up being IGP only, so that requirement isn't hard to meet. Finding hardware that fits what I want (i5/IGP only preferred (IGP+dGPU is fine)/Intel wireless/4-8GB RAM (8GB preferred)/hard drive does not matter since I have an SSD). I'm looking at really common spec hardware, so repair vs replacement is closer then it would be if the machine was higher end.

It's not like it's a permanent change, so it probably doesn't hurt to put it in there just to be sure that I know I cleared the machine in terms of security scandals. I didn't clear it for the SMM problem since it's affected because I had to flash the BIOS to fix it.


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