Release Notes: August 1st, 2017

New Features

  • We figured you might want a more global perspective on guide completions, so we now display the total number of times a guide has been completed—in all languages—on guides. Before, we only showed the number of times a guide had been completed in the language you were viewing the site in.
  • We added support for searching through Spam Review by unique username. Just preface your search with `@` (for example: `@david`) and cut through the spam like it’s butter.
  • Moderators now have access to voting details, so that they can see why certain content was approved or denied.
  • We added a dropdown menu to the Parts & Tools tab that takes you right to our most popular products.

Site Improvements

  • We added a form that makes it a lot easier to request changes to your recent orders.
  • The spam review page now loads much faster! And isn’t that what everyone wants? Faster spam?

Bug Fixes

  • If you are viewing a guide that has no translation and you have not enabled machine translation, now the PDF version of that guide will not be machine translated either.
  • When you’re viewing a guide or wiki in a language for which we don't support public translations, we no longer redirect you to the translate page. Because that wasn’t helpful at all.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the user activity tab on profile pages to error out under certain conditions.
  • Fixed a bug where some category pages were incorrectly classified as orphans.
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@lexahall - Hi Lexa, did you notice the loss of the type ahead when you use the @. Can we get it back please ;-}


Thank you @lexahall I've found the most rewarding part of volunteering is when we get to help someone who says "my country doesn't have an Apple Store" also...I don't like the term 'orphans'...


@dan Doh! I'll take a look at that right away.


We fixed the mention autocompleter for you @danj! Sorry for the inconvenience!


@kyle - Thanks! Using an iPad keyboard is a pain when you can't see the users @ name.


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