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Richard Mayer hits 500k

Our illustrious reputation leader has hit a milestone on the weekend of the iPhone X teardown.

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Well done, Richard! Reputation is a reflection of how much we help people, and you've helped a heck of a lot of people. We're proud of you β€” you have amazing dedication. Thank you.

It looks like @theimedic is the winner of the reputation contest, and we'll come up with a prize.

Who's going to be next?

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My deepest respect and heartfelt thanks to Kyle Wiens for providing the platform. Kyle demonstrated the wisdom to let it grow on it’s own - tares among the wheat. I saw a great nobility and purpose, and a worthy cause in his concept and joined the fray. It constitutes a fight to preserve the dignity of men and women over that of the corporate mentality and machine. A fight worthy of my fealty.

A Sen, John McCain quote comes to mind on this occasion

"Glory is not a conceit. It is not a decoration for valor. Glory belongs to the act of being constant to something greater than yourself, to a cause, to your principles, to the people on whom you rely and who rely on you in return."

Without the support from ya'll there's very little chance I would have gotten here. Thanks so much for that support and encouragement, you know who you are ;-)


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Congratulations @mayer So have you decided on a color for that new corvette . Do you have a spot cleared for it next to the Cadillac. With a rep score of half a million ,13059 solutions, 11 guides a person would almost think you had some smarts about ya . Your giving is inspirational . Your guidance appreciated. Your wit always sharp . I think now that you've reached this milestone @kyle should lift your daily limit and see how quick you hit the million.

Just a side note @theimedic well guessed, @oldturkey03 Mike your next

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Thanks so much Jim. You're correct, if the daily limit isn't lifted I may not live long enough to hit the million. Beside I doubt my answers will be of much help to anyone by then. The vet? iFixit colors of course.


@jimfixer not so sure about that my friend. Some records are just not meant to be broken :-)


@oldturkey03 I'm sure you could "Coast" to 500k without answering a single question more.

@mayer Blue for sure. A new or old? The new ones are pretty radical. Almost as radical as you reaching 500k.


@pccheese I'm pretty sure the grand-kids will enjoy it ;-)


@mayer Congratulations to an outstanding achievement! Be proud of your achievement, just like we are proud of you! Your answers will always be of help to anyone.


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Kyle Wiens will be eternally grateful.
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