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Feedback for a guide needed

This guide goes with the Xbox wireless receiver page. This is more or less meant to explain the installation procedure since it can be difficult to understand and get around the problem if something happens where installation doesn't work correctly. Sometimes it works, but sometimes it doesn't.

Any feedback on this? Once I finalize it, I'm going to integrate it into the Device page in lieu of the typed instructions for 7/8.x and then consider it for Windows 10 because automatic pickup seems to be reliable there.

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I would suggest including Windows 10 just the same.

I've have seen some bad installations where a manual install of drivers that should have been automatically picked up fail to do so.

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That's in the works for sure. My goal was to nail 7/8.x first, since those are more infamous then Windows 10. These OSes don't have native drivers, so that's why I saved 10 for later to focus on 7/8.x first.

How common is it? I'm still going to do it but a rough idea of how common it is wouldn't hurt to know. Windows 10 is still semi new territory for me, so I'm going to need to piece some things together and I know that things will need to be rewritten as I go.


@nick -- I don't know how common the Windows 10 problems are, but since the November "Fall Creators Update", it seems a lot more break has been introduced on the Windows 10 platform.


I have access to a Windows 10 system so I can piece it together and make the guide. Part of the reason I'm waiting to accept it on my machines is I want something new enough to justify the upgrade. I'm thinking about waiting for Ryzen Mobile to come to the ZBook Studio before I get my first personal Windows 10 system. I'm trying to avoid crap to minimize my chances of a bad experience. It seems like trying to run it on older systems and run of the mill laptops from places like Walmart causes some of these problems.

Normally I'm not specific about AMD or Intel but after Meltdown/Spectre and the way Intel handled it, I'm looking into AMD because the Zen platform. It's not as fast as Intel, but it's more or less on par.

I finished the W10 guide. Give it a read when you have a chance: I did it this way because I designed the Device page to be OS specific about solving this problem.


@nick when you say "Zen" platform, you mean "Zen 2", I hope. The history of this is complex. "x64" is not an Intel invention. Rather, x64 is an AMD invention. Intel's 64-bit platform was IA-64. AMD marketed the x64, and unfortunately it won out, which is why Intel was forced to adopt it. And guess what... Zen has spectre vulnerabilities. There's a lawsuit because AMD has remained silent.


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