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Bug or a new kind of Spamming?

@Evan -This afternoon I logged into Answers I was greeted with this on every Question I was checking out! It only pops up with Apple Products.

Block Image

I double checked I don't have anything selected in my toolbox so I'm no sure why this is popping up. Here's the back side

Block Image

Very Odd... as I don't even live in Italy (not yet any ways) ;-}

Here's the users page:

and here's his company:

Answered! View the answer I have this problem too

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It was a bug. And it was my fault.

We've been working on some improvements to secure and accelerate the iFixit website. A recent change broke the way that our servers detect where you are located. We've fixed the problem.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

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@djmetzle - If I could I would give you 5 points!

Look at this way confessing your error is much better than blaming others. A common ploy our politicians like to do!



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We've had that feature around for a while. It is designed to show a popup on device pages for repair businesses registered on iFixit in your area if they repair that specific device. But, it sounds like this business intentionally or misadvertently set their service area incorrectly.

Can you shoot me some links? We'll be happy to look into it.

Update (04/10/2018)

This should be fixed now!

The bug occurred because our GeoLocator service was not working correctly, and we therefore could not determine your location.

Since the service was broken, we told the Local Business Finder that you were at Latitude: 0, Longitude: 0, which was causing some funny business.

Sorry about the hiccup. Thanks for reporting this.

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See above @evan

Its weird at it pops up to the same pop up with the same person (company) and don't forget I'm in Boston MA, not Rome Italy ;-} Something is amiss here.

Its doing on these pages:

But! not on these!

And for some reason its not showing up on these so there is no rhyme or reason on which page

I made sure my toolbox was empty and I just added a car to see if that made a difference with it present and then deleted it.

Again its showing the same Pro over and over again.


@danj does it change when you are in incognito mode or private mode? I am try to get an idea if this is a cookie that is causing this or a bug on the webserver.


It didn't make any difference ;-{


This is definitely a bug—we're working on it!


Thanks @kyle I had thought so.


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