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Get ready! The Butterfly lawsuit is moving forward!

Hi guys,

I’m sure iFixit will be called as a witness!

Lawsuit Against Apple's Faulty Butterfly Keyboards Moves Forward

Update (12/04/2019)

It looks like the feeling is mutual with others! Opinion: The butterfly keyboard class action lawsuit deserves to succeed Check the opinion poll numbers!

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Yikes! I’ll definitely be sure to follow this. Hopefully it’s bye-bye butterfly.

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@kristen - The sad part is the poor people who hold onto their systems longer than four years! Apple really stepped in it! This will be a large mill stone on their back for quite sometime.


@danj This stupid keyboard is why I'm waiting to get my 16". I want the legacy ports, proven display cable and modularity back and them to prove this one works over 1-2 years.

As good as it was to get some time to use one (and yes, the lost 1" isn't worth caring about since the screen is so high res) I'm waiting for the modularity, legacy ports and proven display AND for how this keyboard plays out. The issue is it's an expensive bet right now.

What a shame - I didn't even miss the lost 1" because of how high resolution the screen is. I'm going to hold off on my hunt for a older Retina and wait for a modular 16" - too many of the `14 models need battery replacements and it's difficult to find a good one at a realistic price.


@nick - As much as I would like to see the ports brought back I think the ship has sailed ;-{

Get a 2015 and treat it with kid gloves! While it won't have a newer Hex or Quad CPU it at least has the ports!


@danj A lot of the 14 Retinas have high cycle batteries and AG failure and people want as much as if it wasn't in need of help. They're insane with the '14 pricing.

Unless the seller shows the battery is low cycle and it doesn't have severe AG issues I refuse to pay more then $250 because it'll be $350+ with how many need a screen or AG stripping. Corner wear is fine but if it's on the actual visible screen that's an issue. You can't trust them to be true to their word on eBay since it's easier to lie or hide the cycle count. I was okay with it on my '11 13" but that's because it isn't a nightmare swap.


@nick - ?? I said 2015 what do you mean by AG failure? I have two and both have held up quite well. Battery issues are a problem with any laptop. Getting a new battery is the least of your issues.


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Hopefully they settle by trading out the butterfly machines for equivalent machines. 15” gets a identical 16” and they fix the 13” and give the butterfly repairs first pickings. It’s probably going to be cheaper to pull the ones in circulation out and be done with it with direct swaps when you’ve been through 3 keyboards.

I’m kind of surprised this lawsuit is standing with how bad some Mac users can be aboutr denying hardware fails like this keyboard. I guess these keyboards are so bad that even they’re okay with Apple being sued for this.

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@nick - Apple tried to go cheap just replacing same for same!

Now that they've rolled out the 16" with the better keyboard. If I was Apple I would just bite the bullet, rollout a scissor keyboard for the 15" models offering an uppercase swap out for under warranty keyboard failures.

So sad Apple took so long as this will bite them big time!

Can you see it! They rolled out 12 ~ 16 million systems with this crappy keyboard! If they had just came to the realization of the cost with this lawsuit they should have jumped so much sooner to the scissor keyboard. I don't see how Apple can get out from under this.


@danj I'd say that's also fair if they can do it. Is the magic keyboard mech thin enough?

The problem is Apple was arrogant they can make it work... Until the lawyers got on their ass and may force them to do what they should have done a long time ago. I would order them to recall the butterfly mechanism and give everyone a topcase with a working board and a 3 year warranty. They deserve to pay for being so arrogant.


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