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COVID-19 Updates and Discussion

Hi y’all! I hope everyone is safe and doing well. These unprecedented times have shifted the way society functions as a whole, and I’m sure you all have questions about the company. As of now, we’re still continuing our shipping operations while the rest of our staff practices social distancing. We’re following the CDC guidelines to slow down the spread of the virus and we hope you all are doing the same.

Please feel free to reply to this post about any questions or concerns you may have. In addition, feel free to post any rants about the lack of toilet paper or supplies in your area, since it seems that toilet paper has become a rare commodity. Thanks and please stay safe and remember to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds (or create a poster with your favorite song)!

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@jogihara stay safe and make sure that everybody around you is safe too. Make sure you look after those that need help the most, right now our elderly population. Social distance does not mean social isolation and can make this worse for those groups. Let’s help each other out and look after each other. Good luck to all of us and remember that the Force will be with us. We are our brothers keeper….:-)

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@oldturkey03 Thank you and most definitely! All immunosupressed and immunocompromised people are top priority. Looks like folks over 65 make up ~13% of the population here in SLO, so hopefully everyone can do their part in making sure to take care of these populations! Stay safe!


I just saw news footage that the beaches are full of kids. They say they are not afraid of the virus because it only kills older people. I guess when they finish at the beach they will go home and be able to say "Hi Mom and Dad, guess what I brought you".


@mayer That's a bit too far... I could understand choosing to live your life normally with precautions (Ex: If you "suck it up" when you normally get sick and it may be the coronavirus, don't) but completely dismissing it is downright dangerous.

It's probably not going to kill you, but this isn't anything like the common cold.

It's still pretty normal in Florida, but we're dealing with early store closures and toilet paper panic buying like everyone else. I don't get why one needs a 1 year supply of toilet paper from Costco, but I guess some people do if it's not extreme paranoia. Having a sense of humor isn't optional when things like this happen.


@nick I totally get what @mayer is saying. Living your life normal is not an option. Now is the time to practice extreme measures. Social distancing should be extended to 10 feet and nobody should be at the beach in crowded conditions. A colleague off mine is a ED MD in a Seattle Hospital and I was told that they are seeing pt's who are young (in there 20s) fit, with no comorbidities who are critically ill. So, age plays a role but the young are not invincible. Our biggest danger is that the unseen enemy (COVID-19) will go from Pandemic to Endemic. We have to not just "flatten the curve" but we have to break the transmission. I would love to see the country quarantined for 14 days with absolutely no movement. Total lockdown! Nick, this is as bad as they say it is. I am on 80 hours at work for this week trying to get us prepared and ready for whatever may happen. I have been there for HIV/AIDS,SARS, MERS,H1N1,H5N1, Ebola and this beast is spooking me and my team.

23:08 on 3/19/20 total world wide confirmed cases are 244,517 with a death count of 10,030. This is freaking spooky. It's an absolute tragedy what is going on in Italy and I think their death rate is at 8.2% because their healthcare system has been totally overwhelmed. My colleagues in Italy have nothing left to give! COVID-19 has infected 2,629 health workers and who do you think takes care of the patients? That is a country that went on "lock down" on 03/11 and the rate keeps climbing. So should we be at the beach? HE#% NO!


@oldturkey03 The only reason I've been skeptical is because of the media. The problem is they've put out more FUD then truth for less serve viruses, so naturally this comes off as overblown - when it's turned into something beyond hype for many. Most of the deaths are coming out of other countries, relative to the US as well.

The issue for many - including myself is the media's track record of putting out a whole lot of FUD vs. truth that proves to be far less severe then it actually is. The issue is they never admit their fault and hide under the need to report it. That's why I'm taking a measured approach vs a hype based one. The media has cried wolf a lot over nothing and now it's showing why that's such a bad idea.

I do agree precautions are needed, but the issue is how many vs excessive? Most of them are reasonable, but some of them are a bit much. The death rate in the US is mostly why I'm skeptical, but also thinking precautions are actually necessary vs the extreme ones.


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@jogihara I have a rant!

I really try to eat chicken or turkey, red meat is not something I should eat, yet I can only find fatty hamburger meat or expensive cuts of beef.

Ham or cut meats are too salty besides often too fatty.

Vegetarian fake meats just don’t taste that good. I would rather eat smoked tofu but that gets boring!

Living on beans has its risks too! Unless I can open the windows ;-}

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@danj Don't you live in "Bean Town" ;-)


@mayer If I could toot a song with my flatulence that would be a neat trick!

Yes, I live in BeanTown, doesn't mean you have to suffer gastroenteritis ;-}


@danj My blood pressure medication, Candesartan, is better at creating flatulence than any cabbage or beans.


At least you can open the windows in the mild weather you have their in Lubbock Tx. As long as you don't have a sirocco coming through ;-}


@danj Fortunately, the medication creates odorless gas. But it creates a lot of it. I think I could run my car on it, if I could capture it.


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