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My post is immediately deleted (-100 score)

Hi, I just joined and tried to ask a question, but it was immediately deleted. What am I doing wrong?

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I signed up to this ifixit website and I am immediately leaving. The iRobot is absolute TRASH. I just spent 30minutes typing up a very nice and informative reply to someones computer problem and it was IMMEDIATELY deleted with -100 by the bot.... WHY DID I WASTE MY TIME HELPING?

&&^&^$^ robots ruining and $@$*!&%& up the internet. I'm not wasting my time helping people for some stupid robot to delete my $@$* immediately. Clearly ifixit has a problem it can't handle. For a tech website, that's pretty embarrassing. I'll be going for and providing tech help somewhere else that has experts and a WORKING website. You know ,the BASICS.


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Hi @jonnycat ,

The iRobot gets over zealous sometimes and thinks that the question is spam

e.g. the model number may be misinterpreted as a phone number or something else instead of a model number.

Next time try using "model # " or similar in front of the numbers just to denote what they mean.

I've reopened your questions, you will notice that they are marked as duplicate.

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Fix the &&^&^$^ robot. I hate your website. It deleted my very first post I spent a ton of time helping someone on.... Only to have it deleted immediately. BROKEN WEBSITE if you can't even make a simple &&^&^$^ post about computers.


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Hey there everyone,

For some background, the spam filter automatically marks things as spam based off of the content we manually marked as spam.

When the spam filter sees a heuristic, such as a model number, or a certain combo of words, it may mark it as spam when it is not.

The model is actively being trained it by every manual moderation fix. For example, what @jayeff did by reopening the question was teach the model it made a mistake.

Sorry the spam filtering is messing up for you. If you see more of these, please reach out. We do want to ensure the spam filter’s model doesn’t misbehave.



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So you require people to take steps, rather than fix the autonomous piece of software is buggy? wait whaaaa…?

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