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That’s big news! I suppose they had a pretty long run—three decades in the laptop business!

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@kristen I'm mixed on it. The DMCA takedown of the manuals makes it where I'm okay with them leaving the segment, but on the other hand they have made some historic models.

Pretty much after the Sandy Bridge (2nd gen) Core models, they have the same quality issues HP and the others are known for, so it's not like they had quality as a defense - I had to hot glue the power jack in a family owned L755 to buy some time because the friction fit plastic failed. The Vista era is reportedly well built along with 1st gen Windows 7 Core models.

That L755 died when the dog went to the bathroom on it :-). I don't regret the decision or miss it - even if there was a way to save them economically (there is not; it's still a biohazrd nobody will work on), it had issues with the chassis falling apart anyway. I would have needed to change the case parts, keyboard, palmrest and I'd need to figure out how to deal with the DVD drive since it happened on that side. I did get a WD Black drive out of it that ran for years. Even I'd refuse to fix it to avoid biohazarding my systems.


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