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Need a page approved

I recognize you may do something with this at some point, but I made the page in this case because I’m planning on picking up a DualSense controller to mess with it on the PC gaming side, much like I did with the DualShock 4 ZCT2. As far as I’m concerned with the Series S/X controller, I’m not seeing anything about it that comes off as a possible issue since it looks like a modified 1708 controller from the One.

I’m in the process of acquiring one, but the problem for me is I have 2 prepaid gift cards from work and one had enough I can get my cost to do this down by a large margin. My other one isn’t enough to cover another physical card, and the eGift card is being declined so I think I’ll give up on that one. I’m only interested in this working because some of my Steam games do not like the reversed layout and were always permanently reversed with the Sony controller.

Would someone get this approved? If you’re working on it, let me know so I can get my test notes together and I’ll get it together and add them there. I did a minor tweak to the XPS 8500 I plan on using - I changed the original DW1703 out for a 7260AC, so bear that in mind.


Got the controller

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Hey there Nick,

Congrats on getting that new DualSense controller! I’ve heard great things about it, especially the haptic feedback features of it.

FYI, once you create a device page, it will be available to view for the public. I’ve modified the URL for the DualSense Controller to match the other DualShock device pages already on the website. You can find the new page here. As of now, the page doesn’t have any information on it yet and will remain flagged as a ‘Page Stub’ until further information is provided. Feel free to add a ‘Background and Identification’ section to the page if you have the time. You can use the DualShock 3 or DualShock 4 pages as models for good device pages.

Enjoy the new controller and let us know what you think of it!

Happy Fixing.

Justin Ogihara

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@jogihara Let me know if you think my photo works - I tried to mask the background being my laptop as much as I can :P.

Yeah the DS4 was weird on PC - some of my games were permanently inverted due to poor DirectInput>Xinput translation (or the controller), while others were stubborn or did not like it *at all*. My interest on the PC side is if Sony got this right, it will be a better offering then the Xbox controller ever was. They did fix the MicroUSB issue on the new consoles (yay!) but my old ones are still MicroUSB. I expect the DS4 stubborn games to remain stubborn, but if I can run SR3/4 (permanent inversion) properly Sony may have a better PC offering being the best of both worlds.

I definitely like how it feels over the DS4 - it's closer to the Xbox controller in a good way - also good riddance MicroUSB :-). May it die a slow painful death. And yes, my recommendation will shift on the Xbox controllers like when the 1708 came out.

It does require a newer version of DS4Windows, though (Version 2.1.17). SR4 (one of the permanently inverted games) is perfect, and SR3 has a motion issue. I'm looking into that, albeit unsurprised since it's a known bug bomb on PC - almost as bad as SR2.

Finding it wasn't hard - all I did was ordered it online and picked it up. I think it's one of those I would try it first and revert back to Xbox if I run into an issue. At least Sony got them out before the consoles so there's stock. I suspect that USB-C Xbox one may be a harder find. It was because of that the support is already good on PC - albeit you have a few issues like I ran into.


Ahh gotcha, and yes, your photo works well for the page! Thanks for using a white background for it, as it definitely makes the device stand out more.

I've been using the DS4 to play Rocket League on the PC, and so far I haven't had any issues with it. I haven't really tried it for other games, but I have heard some of the problems that you've mentioned. I eventually do want to pick up a DualSense and the PS5, but I've learned my lesson with the PS4 release so I'm going to stay put for at least another year or two until better games are released.


@jogihara It's silver - the E6440 has a silver lid/grey hinge trim+LCD ass'y subsection (cropped), black palmrest/keyboard and a powdercoated silver chassis.


@nick @jogihara Do you know if the haptic feedback features will be compatible with PC? Or will it remain exclusive to PS5?


@oscarsp Not yet. I expect that to be a defer to developer issue like the track pad.

I suspect Sony will eventually sanction PC support given enough time like like the DS4.


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