UK Environmental Committee hits Apple on throwaway designs

Steam is building! UK see’s it! Hopefully others do as well! EU is close! With a new administration in the US with Biden, things may change for us!

UK Environmental Committee Says Apple Contributing to 'Throwaway Culture' of 'Short-Lived Products'

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Keep it up, UK. Eventually (hopefully) the US and other countries will warm up and come around to this realization


Little by little it seems that we move forward;)


Yes the steam is definitely building up! Kyle recently wrote a post on the EU Parliament overwhelmingly passing a vote for the Right to Repair. If you haven't seen it already, here's a link to the post:


@jogihara - Thanks for the link to Kyles post! Been busy getting ready for T-Day and enjoying a virtual sit down with my friends.

Such a strange world being together, yet not! Just thinking how many families are leaning on tech to hold their family unit together as well as keeping their kids active with schooling.

Years ago working at Proteon, 3Com/ChipCom, Ungermann-Bass (UB Networks)) and IBM, our collective work led to FDDI and ATM technologies which are still the backbone of our high speed Ethernet and cellular systems used today! Many people don't realize the Boston area was the primary development area of data networking!

I'm just amazed how important this work was given our current state in the middle of a pandemic!

Hope you and the rest of the iFixit gang are safe and well!


@kyle - In a couple of years I have the feeling you and the gang will be visiting Oslo to get your Nobel Prize in environmental protection ;-}


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