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Ifixit pdf document viewing problem

Hi @jarstelfox,

Got another problem for you.

When viewing a pdf document that I uploaded to this answer (see “tech sheet”), I have to enlarge it for better viewing but there is no horizontal slide bar option to move the document from side to side only a vertical scroll bar to move it up and down.

Because it is too small for me to read, I enlarged it using the +/- options provided in the Ifixit viewer and while this makes it possible to read, it also expands it past the side of the window and you cannot move the document to see the missing section. You have to reduce it again so that you can view it.

It is also not possible to enlarge it in presentation mode which I hoped might have helped to read it better

Hopefully this makes some sense.

Answer this question I have this problem too

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1 Answer

@jayeff - I have no issues with the right slider to go up and down and I’m viewing the full page. To zoom in you need to use the menu control and then the lower shift slide is active to see the hidden side.

Block Image

Update (07/12/2021)

Here’s the right side ;-}

Block Image

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Hi @danj,

My eyes must be worse than yours because even though the document is legible when viewing the full page, when I zoom in and the page expands past the edge of the screen, there is no horizontal slider to shift it from right to left (or vise versa) to view what cannot be seen past the edge of the screen.

There is a vertical slider to move it up and down though.

I've tried on 2 x Win10 PCs using Firefox, Chrome and Edge browsers and they're all the same i.e can zoom in and move vertically but no option to move document horizontally to view missing magnified section of the page

It works OK when I'm viewing other pdf documents, just not on Ifixit.

Just to check that it wasn't just happening on the one pdf document this one is the same.

On both there is a vertical slider but when you magnify and zoom in there is no horizontal slider appearing.

Maybe it is a Windows/Ifixit compatibility thing?


@jayeff - Does mouse click and drag work or just slide across the page?



Nothing I've tried works, i.e. click on page or click and drag etc .

There were no problems when I first viewed them online on my PC from the online source and then after downloading them either. I still have both pdf files on my PC and can view and zoom OK with horizontal and vertical scroll bar when accessing them through Windows Explorer (aka My Files) and opening them up in any of the 3 browsers I mentioned

But after uploading and then viewing them using the Ifixit pdf viewer in any browser the horizontal scroll bar isn't there so I assumed that the problem is with Ifixit or now maybe Windows/Ifixit if you have no problems using a Mac.

Perhaps @nick ;-) can do a quick check as I know he has Windows PC and perhaps you don't



I have something interesting to add to this conversation. I can open the PDF and zoom in enough to see it (it's pretty tiny!) but I, also, am not getting a horizontal scroll bar. I'm able to scroll around using my track pad on my laptop but not with my mouse. I'll poke some people who may have an idea on why that's happening- I have no clue, unfortunately.



Thanks for checking as well. At least I now know that it isn't solely at my end

Is your laptop Windows or Mac?


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