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How do I submit this iPhone4 screw template for everyone?

Since I dipped my toes in iPhone 4 repair, I created myself this screw template so I can keep track of each screw and also know which screw goes where. I'd like to share it with everyone. The ideal place for it is in the iFixIt display replacement tutorial since the template covers only that disassembly process.

Here is it as a PDF complete with instructions:

And also as a high-res GIF without any instructions:

So, how do you suggest I make this public as part of the tutorial?

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Sometimes, I wish that we were able to upvote posts multiple times. +


I came back to this looking for some way to upvote it again, as well! This is great. Nice work, Chavdar.


This is really cool!


Hey Chavdar, I added the template to the iPhone 4 display guide. We'll do some additional formatting in the future to incorporate it to other guides -- thanks a bunch!


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Wow, that's great! That's going to be useful for all the iPhone 4 repair guides, not just the display guide.

It's easy to include a PDF with a repair guide. Here's how:

  1. On the guide, click edit in the top-right corner.
  2. Click metadata.
  3. Click Documents (in the bottom left corner)
  4. Upload your PDF
  5. Drag the PDF into the 'attached documents' section.
  6. Save!

For documents that are relevant to all iPhone 4 repairs, you should also attach your document to the iPhone 4 repair manual. In this case, your diagram references step numbers, which change for different repairs. Since your diagram is display-install specific, it's only useful on the display install. But if someone were to remove the step references and refer to components, then it would be useful for all iPhone repairs. Here's how to attach a hypothetical document like that to a repair manual:

  1. On the iPhone repair manual, click edit in the top-right corner.
  2. Click Documents (in the bottom left corner)
  3. Upload your PDF
  4. Create a new 'Screw Guide' section of the repair guide, with the header '== Screw Guide =='
  5. Drag your document into the text just beneath your header.
  6. Save!

Thanks for the awesome work here! It would also be useful to have the source document, in case someone wants to improve it in the future. What program did you use to create it? Right now, we only allow PDF uploads—but we're planning on expanding that in response to needs like this.

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Thanks for the awesome feedback. The template itself is a Photoshop job, while I used Word 2010 for creating the PDF. So yes, I have all the source files in case anyone needs to tinker with those any further.

I'll look into your instructions Kyle and I'll upload the stuff at the appropriate places, I won't mind expanding the template even further myself. I'll just have to check the other repair guides to see what's different.


it could do with being mounted on a piece of old cardboard box or having double sided tape over the circles...then your screws don't roll off, or you can punch them into the cardboard


They are too diminutive to punch through anything. When you rest them ON their heads while you work, they won't go anywhere. I verified it in three consecutive disassemblies/assemblies. The template however NEEDS to be taped to your desk or you risk it flying off as soon as someone opens the door or the window.


Alright, I've attached the latest version of my PDF screw template to the iPhone 4 display replacement guide. To be used in other guides, the template needs to be made more generic (by parts names, as you suggested).

A certain challenge is that the rows in the template will have to be a different number for the different repair tutorials. Devising a single template to use for all the iPhone 4 tutorials would be quite hard.

If your team (or somebody else) is up to it, I'd gladly turn in my layered PSD source file - you are free to do with it whatever you please, as long as it helps the community. Let me know.



Great, that would be very helpful to the community! If you email the source file to, I'll make sure that we hang onto it as a reference for the future. If anyone else wants it to improve / work on it, they can ask for it as well. :)


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