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Drivers Available from the Tool Store

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I have asked a couple of questions and commented on questions asking about the drivers available and never really got an answer. So I ordered them all just to take this image and be able to show the difference. You really can't tell the size of your drivers from the store images because there's no frame of reference. So here it is.

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@mayer there is still no frame of reference unless one has one of those drivers.:-) Should have added a measuring tape or ruler with your image to provide a reference. LOL


My bad. I assumed if someone were on this site they would have at least one.


What about the people that come here to find out which driver would suit them best? Yup, that is what happens when you ass u me. LOL


The original iFixit driver that came in the 54 bit set did not have a hole in the handle. The newer ones did and you can insert another standard screw driver in it and really put some power behind it, if needed.


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Is there any improvement with the new driver from the 64-bit kit compared to the 54-bit driver kit's stock handle? I'm not exactly fond of the one in the 54-bit driver kit. It's too thin, slippery and quite frankly, has too little torque. If you have a tight screw, you might as well bring a drill because odds are it's as good as stripped.

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That would be the middle driver. All metal nice weight, super cap, like its on ball bearings. This is my favorite of all the drivers shown. Of course the bottom one has a wider diameter handle thus you can put more torque on it for tough screws.


I can see it being useful for overtightened screws. I had to deal with that in a ThinkPad once and it's not fun. It also happened on an HP AIO I used to test Wireless cards for compatibility. I had to buy another screwdriver set the same day as an impulse buy to get the screw out. I'm surprised it worked, because I lost most of the head from that mess.


Now that top driver is a chuck of metal. You can really twist one off with that!


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