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Can I discuss things with the bigger people of Ifixit

Especially to @danj can u tell me what I did wrong and how I can change it. I want to help.

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@sherlock_holmes I am @oldturkey03 and am one of the moderators of Answers (definitely not one of the Big people). It looks like one of your answers got marked as spam. You may not have realized this since you probably did not intend to spam. Sometimes, we get a bit aggressive when we see answers that link to companies that may offer resale parts etc,. Those answers stand a high chance to get deleted as spam. This is not done with any malice in mind but we are very particular about that in Answers. We do want to keep it neat, family friendly (no foul language, no cursing etc.) and no flaming. In general, we welcome anybody and anybodies answer. We all had to learn that there has to be more content to an answer than just to say " Parts may be available at xyz store". You can always link to a site if it will help the OP. Just try not to answer a question with a simple "buy it there". That looks and smells like spam, even if it is not intended as such. Hope this explains things and gives you a bit more insight on how to help out. Continue with answering questions, pay attention to people that have been on here for a while. When in doubt ask questions, the active mods on here are @mayer @danj and myself. We are strictly volunteers like yourself and not part of the big people. The Grand Poobah is @kyle and the best contact is @kaykay who is the Community and Outreach Manager here at iFixit. She is the person that keep us in check.

Welcome to iFixit and continue to answer questions for those that need some assistance.

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I apologize for that, I had no clue. Thanks for the information. I was talking about something else also but thanks.


Just because oldturkey03 doesn't draw a salary and is self deprecating, doesn't mean he's not one of the major Big people ;-) I mean the man even carries a "Ban Hammer". He talks softly but carries a large, very respected stick.

The iFixit team, in their infinite wisdom, has allowed the answer section to be run by the people, for the people. "If you is one of the peoples, you gets the opportunity to do that too" ;-)

The idea is to help people and have a good time doing it.

@kaykay has the job of herding the cats:

BTW - just what were you asking about?


Oooooh, how 'bout I change my title to Cat Herder? Someone buy me a cowboy hat!


@kaykay What's your hat size? In Texas we have summer straw hats and winter felt hats. Two major brands, Resistol and Stetson. The crease can be regional. Then you have the urban cowboy look and the real working mans hat (sweat stained). The bad guys black hat and the Lone Ranger white hat, For Southern Cal, I recommend the straw for you.


Cowboy Hats

Head Size In Inches Head Size In Centimeters American Hat Sizes

19 ⅜ 49.2 6 ⅛

19 ½ 49.5 6 ¼

20 ¼ 51.4 6 ⅜

20 ¾ 52.7 6 ½

21 53.3 6 ⅝

21 ½ 54.6 6 ¾

21 ⅝ 54.9 6 ⅞

22 ⅛ 56.2 7

22 ½ 57.2 7 ⅛

23 58.4 7 ¼

23 ⅜ 59.3 7 ⅜

23 ¾ 60.3 7 ½

24 ½ 62.2 7 ⅝

25 63.5 7 ¾Top


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Welcome to iFixit @sherlock_holmes! Our moderators are FANTASTIC and they can definitely help answer your questions. They know quite a bit more about the Answers forum than I do, so they're a great resource to the entire community. If you ever need more help, or have any questions about how the site works, you can post them here on Meta and notify me by using @kaykay.

Thanks for all of your recent contributions on iFixit. It's WONDERFUL to see new members pitch in.

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