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5000 points in 1 day; is it possible?

Hey @oldturkey03 , I noticed that you have accepted ~130 answers for TronicsFix in a very short period of time (around midnight EDT). Now, it's not my business how you decide to "accept answers" and I know that Tronics is a great contributor but I thought it wasn't possible to accumulate so many "Answer" points in one day.

Also, this doesn't resemble your style, which is accepting seemingly always just enough answers to get to the 200 point threshold for each contributor.

I am wondering if there was any foul play going on here.

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That does seem odd. 130 accepted answer takes a while to do.


@kyle 5000 in one day? How does that happen?


Could it be possible that all of @oldturkey03 answers accepted where getting held back and suddenly released?


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@refectio @mayer @pccheese rest assured that there has been no foul play on my part. Those answers were accumulated over the span of 1 1/2 years. I am not sure if the 200 points daily limit accumulate if they are not reached.

You are right about "my style" and I am just in the process of cleaning some of the old questions and closing the loop on those. Rest assured that this was not done with any malicious intend.

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@oldturkey03 I'm pretty sure that's what minho ment by "malicious intent." I think he ment that something happened to your account or tronicsfix's.


No worries, I was just concerned someone had managed to compromise the system (or your account). I know Tronics is a longtime and valuable contributor, I wasn't dismissing the validity of accepting his answers, I just found it odd that they would all come through the system in one shot.


@refectio @pccheese I think I know you all well enough so as to not take this as any kind of accusation. No issues there! :-) I myself found it somewhat odd. I checked the profile and noticed that there were answers that the point accumulation was almost non-existent over the last 1 1/2years. So my hypothesis with this is that one can accumulate points if one does not receive the maximum of 200 a day. I checked the activity and as predicated the next answer accepted past midnight did not receive any points.

Again, just trying to clean up and close the loop on old questions.


One thing is for sure, Tronics is in for a nice surprise next time he logs in!


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I think something is wrong with the system. I was just able to over vote @danj and gave him 336 point today @evan

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We'll take a look and let you know what we find.


@mayer & @evan

I think the real issue are the moderators abusing their power.

While I see what happened with @oldturkey03 cleaning house which is not a bad thing, I can also see someone creating a lot of junk entries and then pump them up. I think the moderators are more mature to allow that to happen. But it does raise a risk of abuse.

As for Mayer closing out a ton of my answers: Mayer if you feel they are the correct answer and the OP failed to acknowledge it I see no foul here. I would focus on the oldest not the newer ones in case someone else pipes up with a better answer. I do make mistakes once and a while ;-}

Voting up an answer more than one tick (up or down) should be discouraged! I do see when the wrong answer for some reason is over voted maybe we need a moderation call (two moderators required) to lower the vote count or for the more correct answer/s moved up somehow.

While its nice to get the votes, it's helping someone make the best choice given the parameters of the Q and the age of the equipment. I want the votes to be earned not thrown out willy-nilly. The worth of the vote is this person knows their s#?@.

Evan - Is there a way to add a moderation view of open questions showing the oldest listed first?


@evan - I'm also starting to see a bit more chatter within answers that should be peeled away as I suspect it clouds the thrust of the OP's Q and may in fact discourage the OP.

It would be nice to do a transfer like we can do when moving things over to Meta. But unlike a straight cut, I would like to see a link left so someone can go to the chatter dialog or back to the Q the chatter was about when you are within the chatter dialog. Hopefully that makes sense ;-} Basically, we are seeing people wanting to expand their knowledge so they pepper us with Q's inter-related but can often leave the OP confused on what they need to do.


@danj " think the real issue are the moderators abusing their power" since there are only three of us active, I am trying to figure out where you are going with this. To set everybody at ease, I have decided to limit my "powers" and shall take a break from moderating. I will continue to rely on the wisdom and maturity of my colleagues .

I do disagree with you on this "Voting up an answer more than one tick (up or down) should be discouraged" since this is not done by moderators but by users of the forum. If an answer is sensible and does help, anybody should be in a position to upvote this without setting limits.


I totally agree with oldturkey. If an answer is good enough, anyone who likes it should upvote it. Upvotes should be given in plentitude.

@evan Of course I'm not a moderator, but I spend a significant amount of time moderating. I'd like to request a filter that allows me sort by answer count. That will allow me to get rid of the cluttered questions.


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Hey folks,

So this is sort of (actually, pretty much completely) my fault.

The reputation system limits you to 200 points per day, but we built an escape hatch into it. It didn't seem fair that the 30 points from an accepted answer should count against your daily limit — those accepted answers are really hard won! So we exempted them from the rep limit.

(An aside for anyone observing and new to this: 'accepted' answers are when the original questioner says that the answer solved their problem. People frequently drive by, ask questions, and never come back. So these 'accepts' are valuable!)

We also allow moderators to forcibly accept an answer, which is what @oldturkey03 was enthusiastically doing. I think there's an open question of how much we (the moderator team, which includes our staff) should be doing that. On the one hand, it pins a good answer to the top and awards the author. On the other hand, it's slightly misleading because it says 'CHOSEN SOLUTION'.

When oldturkey bulk-accepted all of those answers, it awarded 30 * ~130 reputation to TronicsFix. This is not a mistake — or overreach! — on anyone's part. It's just a side effect of how the system works.

If we want to change this, I can think of a few approaches. I don't think they'd be particularly limiting to the moderator community:

  1. Cap all reputation earned at 200 / day, including accepted answers. (By the way, there's a separate 200 / day cap for guide and wiki reputation)
  2. Encourage moderators to 'accept' answers less frequently
  3. Automatically 'accept' an answer when two or more moderators have upvoted it
  4. Leave things the way they are

I'm open minded — let me know what you think!

I'm also interested in what we can do to provide useful list views for power users. Perhaps take a look at how they do it over on and see if any of their views / sorting would be useful here!

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That's odd, because today my points were capped and they were all of the 'Accepted Answer' variety. So clearly this escape hatch doesn't always apply or it is only under certain circumstances (mods?). Just trying to understand...

Perhaps a "Best Answer" could be accorded by the mods after the question has been idle for several months (and only if there isn't a Chosen Solution by the OP). That way we could differentiate between what an OP has identified as a solution (for the few times that happens) and what the brain trust has determined to merit being at the top of the heap.


BTW, when does the 24hr period refresh? Or Is it that you can't get more than 200rep within 24hr? Because I hit the limit last night at midnight and I haven't got any rep since (yes I still got some upvotes).


@kyle my vote is for leaving it the way it is, but following #2. One of the things to remember here, is that cases like this will be extremely isolated. We do not have a lot of active members like tronicsfix, who did not "reap the reward" of his efforts for that long of a time period. I will go with whatever decision is going to be made.

@pccheese, that is 24hr but not starting at midnight. It's a running clock which starts from the last time you obtained a total of 200 points.


@pccheese that is correct. Check the method on here Change in upvote credit or just a fluke?

There is plenty of other evidence. Check @mayer point count and as you see he is capped out first thing in the morning for the rest of the day (until the 24hours have passed).It is a running total.


@kyle I'll go with the way are. But please inform us when you change the rules of the game.


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