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Looks like we have another spammer

This user appeared today and has posted two "questions", both spam.

Actual question: How does the process of banning users work? Is it best to put in a request here usually or is there a better way I should go about this in the future?

Update: This one too:

Answered! View the answer I have this problem too

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See this question Ban this user as a spammer

I have banned 13 in the last two days. @sam is supposed to be handle the spamming issues and moderator powers. She had to leave to conference before we got the moderators powers modified

I don't have an email address for you and I can't post the link on how to do it here.

But the spammer is persistent


Got 'um, but I'm going to have to go to work soon.


@mayer - I'm watching ;-}


@mayer @danj @oldturkey03 sounds like you guys will be busy today eradicating that spammer. Maybe @alphapeaches can tell us if she is the only living person at iFixit HQ. I'm starting to think the zombie apocalypse has started and ground zero is in San Luis Obispo.

Seriously, what's going on with @kaykay, @kyle, @evan etc. they have not been resounding to our pings. I don't doubt they have some pressing issues but...


I knew were in trouble. I just looked at Rachel's profile ...

She's in Germany!!!!!!!!!!

OMG...the zombie apocalypse is here!



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Hey guys! Sorry about the spam influx. I've banned all accounts at that IP and enabled our least forgiving text filters. If you see any more phone number spam popping up please report it as a new topic in this thread.

@alphapeaches this is the best way to report spam for now. Thanks for staying on your toes!

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@evan thank you Sir. best of luck with your ongoing education! Holler if you need anything from us.

@alphapeaches Ma'am we do not know you yet but since you are part of that (iFixit) club, we welcome you into ours as well:-)

It will help tremendously if you can just mark those answers as spam with the options tab. That way we can see them in moderation almost immediately and can use the ban hammer


@oldturkey03, @alphapeaches is actually a longtime member of the iFixit club as she worked here starting in 2015, but is sadly not a current employee (and we miss her very much)!


@evan still cool. I just read her about page and if nothing else, @alphapeaches got guts! Hope she keeps us in the loop about how she is doing in the Fatherland. We still like her, even so she is no longer an employee :-)


Thanks, Evan!

@oldturkey03 The link on my summary will keep getting updated. I'm not going to repost it and spam people every time there's something new. You're free to check back as often as you like, though.


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@refectio @mayer @pccheese @kaykay @alexniculescu @danj @evan @alphapeaches ladies and gentlemen lets all take a deep breath.......

This is a mere temporary crisis and we will overcome this one as well. No zombie apocalypse is going to get us down. Nor are any weird spammers from some far off country ( @alphapeaches what you doing in my home country:-) going to get the best of us. @mayer I take some of those jokers out every morning and enjoy the ban hammer tool to the fullest. Lifetime ban to anyone who thinks they can mess with our site ;-)! Only issue I have, is that a lot of times I see moderators posting shortly after the spam but left the spam untouched. Mods, it is our responsibility to kick some #$% not @evan or @kaykay or @sam so let's buck up and get with it.

It appears that our friends at iFixit have their hands full and can barely keep their heads above water. So let's help each other out!

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We appreciate the extra support as we're getting through our busiest season. Thanks for kicking a**!!!


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