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Congrats to oldturkey03 for reaching 600,000 reputation points!

@oldturkey03 I’m a bit late, but congrats on your hard-earned 600k reputation points! This community wouldn’t be the awesome place it is without you, and we’re so glad to have you around here.

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Congrats @oldturkey03 ! At this rate, I'll catch up to you in around 600 years! As what @kristen was saying, this community wouldn't be anything without your continuing contributions. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and dedication. Cheers to 600K!


@oldturkey03, Happy belated 600K! Congratulations on hitting that huge rep mark! We are incredibly grateful to you and for all that you do for the iFixit community—thank you!


@oldturkey03 Only takes nine years of dedicated hard work 7 days a weeks. Congratulations Mike.


@kristen @jogihara @sarahw @mayer Thank you all. It's been fun and I am sure we all will continue to make a difference. A player is only as good as the team and in this case iFixit is a great team. Let's continue to fix the world.....


@oldturkey03 Only takes nine years of dedicated hard work 7 days a weeks. Congratulations Mike.





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Congratulations @oldturkey03 for reaching yet another amazing milestone and while I’m at it, let me also extend the same wishes to @mayer. I’m always amazed at not just the points total but the sheer number of answers these two have provided on this forum.

Richard hits the nail on the head here with his earlier comment. These numbers are not achieved by working part time or only on rainy days (ok, maybe Texas has a lot less rainy days than elsewhere!). They have achieved these numbers by dedicating time to this forum pretty much every single day for nearly ten years now.

While I applaud Sarah and Justin for their comments, I can’t help but wonder why TPTB are so silent. I think it’s fair to say that the success of iFixit is built not only on their excellent guides and outreach but also on the strength of this forum and the high quality answers it provides to legions of DIY fixers. Let’s be real here, the answers on this forum lead directly to sales on the parts/tools store.

Without the tireless work from these two, the Forum would not offer the same high quality contributions and if I have to explain why, well then I guess that explains my point. At any rate, I mean no offense to the other great moderators and contributors who have worked to make this forum as great as it is so CHEERS to Mike and Richard and also CHEERS to @danj, @jayeff, @benjamen50 and relative newbie @arbaman for your continued efforts,

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@refectio - Thanks!

You also offer the community a great service too!


I can only agree with this post, @refectio , just allow me a side note that includes a small consideration that goes in my opinion beyond the great added value of skills, expertise and dedication of @mayer and @oldturkey03 .

That's "presence", that goes over the pure precious technical contribution and it's what spreads in the forum a sense of community and belonging and glues together a virtual space I'm proud and take great pleasure to share. Thank you!!


@refectio @arbaman thank you all for your kind words. It really means a lot to me. It is all of us that make this a fun place and no matter what, we are a team and it will take all of us to maintain our community. You all are greatly appreciated!!!!!


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