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CompTIA lied about Right to repair - MAYBE

At this point we shouldn't trust their word. They had a chance to be honest and went through the back to opposing it, so it was a move to do it in private. Even if they actually stop there's no reason to trust them after this.

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Hmm so we were notified that CompTIA pulled out of the opposition to the Right to Repair just last week on February 5th. So are they actually going back on their word or is there something else that I'm missing? Maybe @kyle might know more about the current status of CompTIA's opposition to the Right to Repair.


@jogihara All I know is I find it hard to trust their word. I say treat them as dirty lobbyists at this point unless they prove it and actually say something in public so they can't walk away without having it backfire.

Either oppose it fully and not lose any more dignity or lie and lose it all when people tried to trust you and it ended by being caught doing it anyway, despite a commitment to not go there again.


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I’m actually on CompTIA’s side on this one. It takes a while to slow the machine down.

I’ve gotten word from multiple state legislative teams that CompTIA has withdrawn. I think this letter timing was a mistake. We haven’t seen anything since then.

They are demonstrating good faith by backing off on the issue. Let’s give them a chance.

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True - maybe they've backed off but hopefully it's understandable why I'm not so sure about upgrading their status from lobbyist yet after this. I'm just a bit quicker to judge in cases like this so too so that plays into it.

They have a chance to turn around, so on one hand I want to call it and say they lied but as you said there's a chance. I'm willing to give them a chance to at least back off and stick to making money off of the A+ and being content with that. They have no business lobbying.

One more recent occurrence and they've earned it. Seems fair?


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