Document with incorrect title - cannot edit.

Hi @jogihara @kristen,

Came across this .pdf document on ifixit the other day and it has the incorrect title for the document. - see image below

As this document shows up as the 1st hit when Googling for W10240504 maybe its title should be corrected to reflect what document it really is.- see image below.

The correct document title for this document on ifixit should be W10740573B as is shown on the bottom left side of the first page in the document.

The ifixit file name is Whirlpool-CAW8350EW-Washer-Tec but when searching for the tech sheet part number for the model (actually a Crosley washer) it shows it is really W10740573 so the document is correct but its ifixit title is incorrect. - see image below

Block Image

The document’s title on ifixit is W10240504. This is also a Whirlpool part number for a tech sheet for a washing machine. The sheet is used for a lot of different makes and models of washing machines as mostly they use Whirlpool parts anyway and the machines are simply re-badged.

Maybe though it is not suitable for machines that require other tech sheets but people will have come here believing it is the correct one as per the part number as that is the number that they were looking for and didn’t notice the part number on the document is different.

I don’t know if the two documents are inter-changeable or not.

I tried to edit it but I don’t have the necessary privileges.

Here’s a link to the actual W10240504 tech sheet, if you wish to upload and replace the incorrectly designated one on ifixit so that there will be the two correctly titled tech sheets available on ifixit.

Answer this question I have this problem too

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This is a bug—you should be able to edit that title yourself! @kristen, can you chase this down?


@kyle Totally! Thanks for catching that @jayeff. Can you let me know what device, browser (and version), and operating system (and version) you're using?


Hi @kristen

Dell Inspiron 530s,

Fails when using Firefox Ver. 84.0.2 32-bit, Google Chrome Ver. 88.0.4324.104 and Microsoft Edge Ver. 88.0.705.50

OS is Win 10 20H2 build 19042.746

OS and browsers are all the latest, up to date versions

This is the message I get when trying to save the changes after editing :


Forbidden Access - iFixit

You must have edit privileges to modify this document



@jayeff Thanks! I'll look into this and try to get it figured out.


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