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Loosing text when answering question

Am I the only one? I’ll be answereing a question and, forgetting the consequences, go to another screen with browser arrow keys to reference something to help with the answer. When I arrow back all my typing is lost. Often after much work I just give up in dispair or run out of time.

Sometimes I remember to copy first before clicking the arrow but often forget.

The other one is the screen editor seems to have a mind of its own, in this case above, it will do double spacing after pressing <Enter> key.

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Hi @aactech ,

You’re not the only one.

I find it’s easier to open a new window and leave the ifixit window open and then switch between the two that way no info is lost.

If you want to access a link on the same page as your answer e.g. an Ifixit repair guide via the device icon in the top right corner, just right click on it and select open link in new tab (or similar option depending on browser)

My bugbear is forgetting to copy my answer before posting and still getting caught by an Ifixit unexpected downtime error message and therefore losing my answer. I reported thisback in January and it is still happening occasionally but it seems to no one else. ;-(

This has been happening for a while and I think may be being caused by the Ifixit servers in the U.S. being backed up or maybe they’re working on something idk, as it seems to happen after hours (for them) between 2000 - 0200hrs USA MT time (or maybe PST time don’t know where the servers are) and I am 15 (or 16) hours in front so for me that is during the day.

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Hi jayeff,

Fun that the "IFIXITers" have problems! Helps to keep one humble.

Thanks for the support. So the usual computer world of "work arounds" but pretty much like life itself. When I remember, which is sometimes, I compose the answer in Word Processor and then cut and paste. Other times I post the answer prematurely and then edit after that.

I've had those downtimes as well but since our time zones are relatively close that is to be expected, I guess. But on the other hand Flagfox tells me, at the moment 9:05 am NZ, that the server is in Australia. Probably IFIXIT has servers in other parts of the world besides the USA.

Thanks again,



Reminds me of the bug in Windows Explorer where if you open a folder with many subfolders, like in where I store photos and or service manuals for example, if you click on a folder 3 or 4 to the right all the columns jump over one to the left on the screen but the folder does not open.


Hello @mike and @jayeff! I just wanted to chime in and let you know that I'm asking around about both of those problems. I'll let you know what I figure out!


Hello @amber,

Much appreciated!


Hi @amber,



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@aactech @jayeff,

We just rolled out this change! You should be able to refresh the page and keep what you were typing.

We now ask the browser to store your work in our editor until you close the tab. This means your text should reappear if you reload, duplicate a tab, or come back to the page without closing the browser tab.

Let us know if you find any oddities while using this feature!

Thanks for suggesting it to us!

Best Regards,

Jarred Stelfox

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Hi Jarred,

Thanks for your efforts. Will let you know how it goes after next "Answer".



Hi @jarstelfox ,




Hi Jarred @jarstelfox ,

Have done a few "Answers" and so far so good. Thanks again.

Now can you work on a spell checker? - if you have time.


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Hi @aactech

There is a spell checker already in your browser (or Ifixit idk)

You may notice that words are underlined in red (before posting) if they are spelt incorrectly. Just select the word and the different spell options appear. Select the correct one.

The only problem is it uses an American dictionary so words like colour are presented as incorrect in favour of color

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge)

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Hi @jayeff,

You have exposed a gap in my knowledge - one of many.

No words appear underlined in red. "Colour" and no line in red.

Could "NoScript" or "uBlock Origin" be blocking that???


Hi @aactech

I usually only use Firefox or Chrome and it has always been there when I'm on ifixit so it must have been enabled in both from the start.


Hello @jayeff and @aactech, the spellcheck is a part of your browser. It's a setting you'll have to turn on. In addition, with English you'll need to go in and specify which version of English you speak- I think the options are American and British, IIRC.

Hope this helps!


Hi Amber @ambertaus

I did try to turn it on:


layout.spellcheckDefault = 2

but it did not work. Any other suggestions?


@aactech I'm not sure how to help as it's in your browser and not our site. Sorry!


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