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We are the R.O.B.O.T.S (Happy 4th)

@oldturkey03 @mayer @theimedic @danj @refectio @lpfaff1 @gigabit87898 @benjamen50 @avanteguarde @cam2363 @theifixit

Backstory: Happy Birthday Kay Kay!

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Let's Build!!!

Greybeards Vs. The Cooperators (In Latin)

Update (07/04/2017)

Happy 4th of July everyone! Have a great day.

I will delete this part tomorrow.

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@pccheese waiting on @kaykay and @kelsea to see if they have come up with some official rules yet ;-) Remember that I would really like to have an inclusion on re-purposed parts and certain degree of autonomous task accomplishment. :-))


@oldturkey03 I plan on it being mostly repurposed parts. Except for the wood. I bet I could find some neat do-dads at the junkyard to stick on it.


What do we want this entity to do?


I don't know about you, but I hope ours will make cheese. Perhaps we could make it despense BBQ sauce and nacho cheese. That'll be the autonomous function! It will make nacho cheese! Just load the ingredients and it does the rest. Diced tomatoes, peppers, velveeta, cream, etc. Then it heats and stirs! @theimedic autonomous and useful and simple!


Oldturkey03 What where you going to name us again? The Cooperators?


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@oldturkey03 @mayer @theimedic @danj @refectio @lpfaff1 @gigabit87898 @benjamen50 @avanteguarde @cam2363

Hey everyone! Sorry it took so long :( But I have my first draft of rules and would love some feedback. Feel free to add comments directly onto this google doc. We can continue to chat about it on this thread, too.

Looking forward to this :)

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You went all out with the rules document!


@kaykay Great Job ma'am!


Outfreakingazing work, @kaykay


@theimedic that word goes right along with supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

Maybe that'll be the nickname of our R4D5.


you guys make me feel so cool :) @oldturkey03 @pccheese @theimedic


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