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Trying to insert a document link problems.

Hi @kristen,

Trying to answer a question and part of my answer was to insert a link to a pdf document from ifixit.

When I preview the answer it appears OK but when I post the answer I get an error message in the body of the answer

Here’s an image that shows the preview and the posted answer

Block Image

What am I missing?

Block Image

Answered! View the answer I have this problem too

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Strange! Let me see if I can reproduce this and I'll let you know what I find.


Hi @jayeff. Thanks for your patience! @jogihara tested out this issue, but he was able to upload a PDF. Can you try reuploading your document?


Hi @kristen, @jogihara

I wasn't trying to upload a pdf.

I was trying to insert a link to a pdf that is already on the ifixit website in an answer that I was writing.

Here's the address:

When I insert the above link in an answer to a question, the answer "preview" shows it as a blue link as shown in the image above and I can click on it and get to the pdf OK from "answer preview" BUT when I post the answer after previewing it, the link to the pdf is replaced by an error message.

I've added another composite image of the problem where it shows the link written in the answer and the blue link to the document in the preview and then I posted the answer and the error message is shown instead of the link.

I thought if the inserted link was in blue in the preview then it would pass and that the link would appear in the posted answer as it is shown in the preview of the answer

WYSIWYG although in this case it appears to be WYSIWYDG



Sorry for the delay @jayeff. I'll take another look at it!


@jayeff Update: We're having the devs look into this. I'll get back to you once I get more info.


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Hi Jayeff,

Thanks so much for your patience! This issue should be fixed now. Let me know if you continue to experience any errors.

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Hi @kristen ,

Thanks Kristen



Hi @kristen @jogihara

Haven't had the need to try an upload until now but either it is me or there is still a problem

I uploaded this file - document|8989 - but when I go to view it initially said



You're not authorized to view this page.




but now shows this when you click on it,


Document not found.


[document|<documentid>|<optional title>]

Current text:


(I removed the brackets from around the document file number to show you the ifixit upload file number but placing the brackets back doesn't alter what you view except of course that a .pdf file window now opens which didn't happen before)

Also when trying to upload other .pdf files I get "S3Exception occurred with error code: 404" in the upload manager box after upload finished


We have another bug with PDFs on Meta—you should be able to add them to answers just fine, but not on meta. This isn't going to get fixed right away because we're busy working on the biomed project.


@kyle ,


It was my error but maybe not entirely.

When I upload a .pdf file in an answer, in Answers forum and try to view it by clicking on the inserted link in answer preview before posting it I still get a "Forbidden Access -ifixit" error message.

However when I post the answer it works OK

I always verify that anything I upload or link in an answer works correctly before posting by testing in answer preview, but in this case I didn't take the next step to see if it did work OK by posting the answer, assuming that it didn't work because of the error message



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