A Thanks Giving address

Happy Thanksgiving to all of iFixit! Thank you for the millions of devices fixed, thank you for helping all these people save their money, and for preventing the Earth from imploding due to waste! Thank you for the awesome stuff you've done for this awesome community!

@kyle @cdcline @luke @mr2incredible @shawnbird @sterlinghirsh @Michael_Degnan @andrew @scotth @brett @thomas @eric_e @eric @mr_jeff @danielbeardsley @yvonneliu @stefanayala @mattmayer @Jairo @julia @david @brittany @bsallee @harrilamb @sam @kimarre @jeffsnyder @Andrew_Stone @copperwall @cstanton @florian @markjensen @jeffsu @kellyboss @Ryan_Watkins @isakrittl @jakew @christopher @Matthew_WIlliams @kristen @suzukichi @Scott_Miller @matt @vehiclefreak409 @m0d3st @jasper @underanironsea @andrewp @evan @ron @kaykay @adamocamb @guy @julialist @anthony @soria @marty @amanda_rad @ryank262 @Kim_Payne @kelsea @midori @yuting @lexahall @tvler @addison @annieborland @cestores @kristensowatsky @rfunke @alrod96 @kevinferrell @bpfohl @danifixit @lesliebloom @coreyjb @mfishman @djmetzle @haydenjermstad @taylorb @billtrammel @entendu @kadan @laceykat @austinjbarnett @tanner @schnabel @nvaa36 @colebemis @danieldemeter @cynthiareplogle @caseyhoover @blakeklein @lewisat23 @rsuovanen @benmicbus @jacksonmcdaniel @faiths @pvaish @ngalardi @trevorphilley @augieflash @ababb @rchiment @cklug @dcarlson9 @kbecker @antonior @jbabb @tgantt @jeffickes @tommyvu @michael_laha @christiankim @lvillalpando @chrisbross @emmettrn @bennyjohns @chase31 @chadlewis @jakemopar1 @nickf @alyssaparr @justineuler @wooky @matt_c @calvinzpinson @ravenmcdaniel @annettefuller @dante @paigereisman

I hope everyone's name is there!

And thank you everyone providing answers and guides to iFixit! You are helping more than you know to help so many people! And thank you to all the translators for helping iFixit abroad and helping so many more to fix their devices!

@oldturkey03 @mayer @theimedic @refectio @danj @jayeff @jimfixer @lpfaff1 @darkethereal @gigabit87898 @cam2363 @zfix @originalmachead @rj713 @pollytintop @benjamen50 @nick @tomchai @chrisgreen @reecee @rany @tronicsfix @jessabethany @gedo1992 @avanteguarde @joshw @mactechplus and so many others, thank you!!

Feel free to add any name you like to the list, everyone.

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@evan some of the names didn't work. Do you know why?


Hmm, that's an interesting bug! Although your mention of me didn't work because you misspelled my name :)


@pccheese - You hit the spot! Thanks!


Happy thanksgiving! (I think all of the names aren't linking because some of those folks aren't on Meta yet, just iFixit. But they're here in spirit!)


@kyle They don't have meta accounts until they visit for the first time?


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